Onslow House – 8-9 The Green

8-9 Richmond Green - Onslow House

Built as a town house for the first Earl of Onslow. George Onslow in the beginning of 18th centuary. A peer and politician taking several ancient positions in the Royal Household George was known as ‘Black George’ because of his scheming ways. Walpole describes Onslow as ‘a noisy, indiscreet man’  

Married to Henrietta Shelley. They had four sons and a daughter together between  1745 and 1760  but three died in childhood.  Their 4th son Edward caused a scandal when he was accused of making homosexual advances to someone called “Phelim Macarty’ at the Royal Academy Exhibition. A liked politician unlike his father he was forced to resign and fled to France in 1781. 

George Onslow was a friend of George IV Prince of Wales, (later the Prince Regent ) and attended his secret wedding to twice-widowed Catholic Maria Fitzherbert in 1785. 




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